Sothebys London March 2016

There is only one Speedmaster in Sothebys London sale on 8th March 2016, and its not very interesting, apart from a learning opportunity.

soth mk 2
145.022-69 from the Catalog. Showing a MKII dial in a Pre-Moonwatch case. Photo from Sothebys

You can link direct to it here.

The description is:

• cal 861 manual winding copper finished movement, mono-metallic compensation balance, seventeen jewels • black dial, luminescent baton indexes, three engine-turned subsidiary dials for constant seconds, 30-mintue and 12-hour registers • stainless steel tonneau case, black tachymeter bezel, two round chronograph pushers, downturned lugs, screw-down back • case, dial and movement signed
diameter 42mm
So what we have here is a 145.022-69 (not that i see the inside caseback) and the movement in the 3058xxxx range which puts it well outside the 1968 range that sothebys claim.
The bezel is the correct but less valuable DN90 in quite good condition – how long before people realize these are going to be as important to complete a watch as the DO90?
The dial is from a Mark II:
Two MKII’s from my collection. On the left a Romanian chancy purchase that came out well, and on the right a tropical dial that flew under the radar on Ebay. Note the dials are flat.
These dials are for the 861 movement and so drop right on and fit correctly. Even though the MkII dial is flat, and the original 145.022 dials are domed or stepped. MKII dials in Moonwatch cases are not unheard of, but I think if you are going to do it, make it special:
A transplant of a MKII entire internals into a PreMoon case. I kept all the original hands, which have faded nicely. The bezel, a DO90 no less, cost $7 on ebay about four years ago.
Until recently,  black145.022-69 dials were selling for $100-200, until this came along for a staggering $800:
An 861 Speedmaster Dial sold on Ebay for $800. Photo from listing
This will fit the Sothebys watch.
I wonder if the Sothebys watch will sell. I think it was cataloged by someone who while being a watch expert, does not understand Speedmasters – nor did they have the sense to email me about it. (Many now do). I am sure the $800 ebay dial is an outlier, but the buyer of this watch will have a long struggle to get his moneys worth when these watches are selling regularly and in better condition on ebay for less. Here is just one that sold for $2650 last week:
A recently sold 145.022-69. Photo from listing