Sothebys Results 19 July 2019

The sale went ok, given the prevailing winds. Here are the top results for sales of Speedmasters over $20,000

Two pm on a hot Friday in NYC was not the ideal time to get people to spill thier play money in pursuit of an unnecessary toy,which lets face it, we none of us need, so stars have to be aligned to make us all feel good to buy – East coasters all running away stuck in traffic for the weekend, and two am in Hong Kong. So bidders had to be determined.

Added to that was the unforgivable technical hitch that held the sale up over the net at Lot 3. You really would have thought they would have sorted that out, and I think it definitely had an impact. I know at least one buyer who lost interest. Remember, the timing of this sale – Europeans sitting down to a Friday night dinner, New Yorkers miserable in the heat, sitting in a traffic jam or on a train running away from the city, and buyers in Asian drunk in a karaoke bar…I suppose there is always going to be comprimises to be made for the time, but I think 2pm on the hottest day in New York was about the least appealing time for global buyers.

That said there were some sales. Here are the results in price order:

Lot 40 2915-1 $250,000

Lot 40 2915-1 15’996’993 $250,000 – The most expensive lot in the sale. Sothebys and the seller should be thrilled with this result, and indeed it underlines there is a demand for the 2915-1 even today. I admit to being surprised and how well this did.

Lot 17 Alaska III $187,500

Lot 17 145.022 Alaska III 44’818’060 $187,500 – A good result, the same as the last one sold by Phillips. This one lacks the NASA part number, but as long as the Omega Museum verifys it then its all good.

Lot 13 1969 Gold $68,500

Lot 13 BA145.022-69 28’420’772 $68,500 Another good result. Showing tarnish, this might have minimal use, though the bezel is a little damaged. Definitely the better of the two in the sale.

Lot 30 2915-3 Black Bezel and Alphas $50,000

Lot 30 2915-3 16’648’998 $50,000 – This was, in my opinion, the buy of the sale. I should have bought this. Chapeau to the buyer, it was a steal.

Lot 49 1969 Gold $47,500

Lot 49 BA145.022-69 28’420’767 $47,500 – Not quite as good as the previous gold one, but another strong result for this reference, indicating to me the price for these is 30% up on 12 months ago. Both of these watches had the Oval O dial and DO90 bezel which is essential for a strong price.

Lot 27 105.002 in Fine Condition $47,500

Lot 27 105.002-62 19’832’118 $47,500 – An especially good price for the reference, which can be all over the place. This one is in very good condition, arguably the best condition watch in the sale and hence the price – the highest I have seen paid for the reference.

Lot 3 2998-1 Grey BASE1000 $40,000

Lot 3 2998-1 17’301’094 $40,000 – A very attractive watch. The only 2998-1 here, and so not surprising it attracted bidders.

Lot 4 2915-3 Alpha hands $35,000

Lot 4 2915-3 16’648’570 $35,000 – This sold under low estimate, and it is a little sad looking, and so I am not surprised. The bezel may well look poor in real life, and the hands are so obviously re done, with no effort at blending them to the watch. I had a query about the pushers, and it has engraving on the back. So this is the least attractive watch that actually sold. (apart from the service dial Ed White)

Lot 47 105.012 with Buzz’s signature $31,500

Lot 47 105.012-65 24’952’506 $31,500 – A strong price for the reference, but I suspect that on the anniversary of the moon landing, the signature may have swayed buyers. Its a good looking watch, but I wont be taking too much notice of the price for data purposes.

Lot 33 Ultraman $30,000

Lot 33 145.012-67 Ultraman 26’076’555 $30,000. I am sure the buyer will be very pleased.

Lot 21 Tiffany 105.012 $30,000

Lot 21 105.012-65 Tiffany 24’006’784 $30,000 – well over estimate, and I think a good watch that is likely a genuine Tiffany. Of all the double signed references, this is my favorite. A good watch all round, and a fair result.

Lot 39 2998-2 $27,5000

Lot 39 2998-2 17’302’542 $27,500 – This was cheap, and with hindsight another I should have bought. The bezel is fantastic, and the watch is in good condition. The alpha hands are a problem, but nothing $5,000 cannot solve.

Lot 22 105.002 FAP $23,750

Lot 22 105.002-62 19’584’305 $23750 – Seems cheap for a watch with FAP connections, but also it does show lots of use so perhaps price is fair. It seems an honest watch in a market where there is plenty of shenanigans. (The military connections market).

Lot 24 105.003 Soft Grey $23,750

Lot 24 105.003-65 24’537’868 $23,750 – The Alaska III aside, this was the rarest watch in the sale, with very few of these rare grey dials known, and most have terrible damage. So in my opinion this was a good deal for someone.

Lot 38 105.002 $20,000

Lot 38 105.002-62 19’832’987 $20,000 – Was this the sleeper? Is that a brown dial? I think this might be one of the best buys in the sale if that dial looks as nice in real like as those photos suggest it might be.