State of the Speedmaster Market

In March 2018

Much discussions over on OF on this subject here. Here is my bullet points as I see the market:

  • The best examples are held by collectors who are not selling
  • Most watches on the market are sold by dealers or collectors who like to churn thier collections for profit.
  • Dealers continue to ask higher prices, but they may or may not be selling
  • Private sellers are asking too much as well
  • If you want to actually sell a speedmaster, it will sell for more than 12 months ago, but not as high as some are asking
  • The 1970’s Speedmasters are hard to find, demand is rising and I expect these to rise in value, but not by a huge amount as they are not much to begin with
  • 2998 prices are all over the place. Lack of extracts and difficulty to verify is making buyers nervous of the very high prices ($100k) asked by some. A 2998 will still sell well for under $30,000
  • 105.002’s are so hard to find – so few have sold its very hard to know what one would sell for today. Possibly in line with a 2998-61/62
  • Oddities, like blue dials and racing dials, NoNasa, BA145.022-69, and the Soyuz are all selling like crazy – these are quite a different market to the black dials – so they should be when you think how few there are.
  • There are very few nice watches on the market at the moment
  • The watches that are available, need to be inspected closely