T SWISS T different spacings

So we often refer to the marking at the bottom of the dial, the SWISS mark.

Beneath the six o’clock marker on all Speedmasters is this mark in three varieties:

  • T SWISS T  (Close spaced T’s)
  • T     SWISS    T (Wide spaced T’s)

There is another version I have heard of, where the T’s are added later, slightly out of line. (I don’t have an example)

Here is a comparison of the two.  (Note the short indices, that stop short of the minute track – but thats another subject)

A comparison between wide, and close spaced T’s. What is especially interesting is the the dial on the right is a 321 dial, with close T marks for a 105.003 – but notice the markers are the same length as the 861 dial on the left.