The Salvation Speedmaster

Unwrapped and checked here it is:


It is clearly cleaner, and the crystal is showing all the signs of use as when I sent it into the workshop. The instructions were to service the movement, and not to replace anything that did not need it. It is my belief this is an original watch, and I did not want to remove that originality. I did ask that it was thoroughly cleaned.


Understandably this watch is not waterproof, the crack in the crystal sees to that even if the old seals in pushers and crown were any good – these would normally be replaced in the course of a service.

The caseback is damaged from failed opening attempts.


However the sides are very well preserved, surprising given the state of the crystal.

P8130023 P8130020

The bracelet is so tight that it seems new.

Some more views.

P8130026 P8130008

Inside is the HF mark, and turns out it is a 105.012-65:


Movement looks untouched:P8130020-001

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