Transitional 145.022-68 (Page Updated)

Since this site was first written, I have had the privilege of learning more about Speedmasters. I now believe I know more about this, the most desirable of the production 861 Speedmasters.


I now believe all Transitionals have a caseback that is marked -68. I now feel this is a definitive part of being a Transitional as I have not seen any evidence of an original watch (with all the other characteristics) with a -69 back.


I have also learned more about the bezels and now I believe the start of the DN90 bezel being fitted was in the -69 reference and after 30m serial. (Which means one of my Transitionals needs a new bezel).

The values of transitionals will be wildly variable, depending on the quality of these componants. As DO90 bezels are touching $3000 in top condition, this is pushing the values of all Speedmasters that should carry a DO90 upwards. It also is (I believe) resulting in people overpaying for a watch, removing the bezel and then fitting the worst DO90 in their box and reselling it on Ebay. Or even a wrong bezel. So lots of 145.022’s are floating around with non original bezels as they have lost theirs to a 2998….

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