Two 145.012s Recently finished on Ebay

This first watch just closed on ebay for $5,600 This looks at first site a sad looking watch:

This has just sold for just under $5,600 on Ebay UK

At first sight, this might seem a lot of money for a non running and incomplete watch. It has numerous other issues too. Here are the immediately obvious ones:

  • Missing Bezel
  • Missing pusher Cap
  • Over-painted hands
  • Lume plots patchy, and what remains is dirty
  • Badly marked Crystal

I think a dealer will rightly look at this watch and think, well I can put a new set of old hands on ($500) find a NVG bezel (Not Very Good), and service it ($500 – should be more but that is what dealers like to pay) and literally most of the issues will be resolved. It will come back shiny, complete and running. there is this bezel on ebay which is currently $86 with less than two days to run :

Currently on ebay

Back to our Dealers Ebay Special. We have not actually finished with the issues. Look at the case back:

Notice the junction between the middle and the bevel, it is very soft, and indicates some polishing, or at least heavy wear – but that is not reflected in the Hippocampus. I think the case is free from corrosion and that what we see is just dirt. But there is more to come, look at the movement

Look at the screws, every one is damaged. This is an easy fix, if you have access to all the parts, like Swiss Time Services does, and as this was a UK watch perhaps that is what is going to happen.

Assuming of course that the gorillas whose serviced this only damaged the screw heads….

The dust cover is correct. Which is becoming an important thing.

What the buyer will end up with, if all goes as best it can be, is a serviced watch that has a sad dial, with non original hands. So the other option is to use these hands, strip repaint and re lume them and also re lume the dial.

I have for some time felt the 145012 is undervalued. Does this sale reflect that? Because when this is all fixed up, the buyer will be into this for at least another $1200 and probably more. Here is the difficulty in trying to add old parts to an old watch. You have to get the commensurate amount of wear on the part (in this case the bezel) and the rest of the watch. Putting a $5,000 bezel on this watch, with its terrible lume and worn back is never going to look right.

Then again, if the watch is re lumed on the plots and hands, we are getting into the too-good-to-be-true territory. You need a very, very skilled re lumer to make a speedmaster pass muster. Which leads on to the next watch:

There was another basket case 145.012 sold on 3rd August for $6,300. It was more complete but as many issues:

We can see in this case the watch has a new crystal so we can see everything on the dial. Note the 5 and 6 markers which are so sloppy I would have to think they have been re applied (Along with the others). Pushers and crown are wrong, and it also has corrosion on the case as we can see here:

In fact if you had to choose between the two, the first watch is I think the better one

Both are poor, both need a huge amount of time money and effort.

I am curious to see if the coming sales of nice 145.012’s are strong