Ultraman on Ebay September 2019

As anyone who knows me knows, I am not the biggest fan of this reference. To be more accurate, I am not impressed with the way values were hyped and promoted by a small minority of owners, who then sold them for huge sums after viciously defending their position in public fora.

That said, I do like the watch. I simply do not understand anyone paying the $70,000 being asked here.

The listing is very well presented and the photos are good. We can really see the rather poor plots, but we can also see that this Ultraman has a long hand, of the correct reddish orange colour.

We can see the hand is long enough. The case sides seem polished, as those are not the original profiles, and the watch is quite shiny. That does not fit with the state of the movement and dial. Lets see that movement:

Those darker bridges do not fit the condition of the case, (supporting the idea it has been re finished) but they do go with the rather tired looking dial plots. That is not what I think of as a nice clean movement. However when looking for an ultraman, beggars cannot be choosers and you have to take what you can get.

The museum liked it:

In my opinion the owner is flying a kite. I have seen several UM’s sell for much less, and some have been better and at least one had original papers.

Bear in mind this is a 145.012. These sell for between $8,000 to 15,000 and this one recently sold for just under $10,000.

So my question is, can the addition of an Orange hand really be worth $60,000?

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