Updated Price Chart for June

The Speedmaster market has leveled off slightly, perhaps in tune with a general slowing of other watches and discretionary mid level spending in general. My friends in the medium to high jewelry markets are all complaining, and vintage cars too seem to have leveled off and some are proving, just like the watches, slow sellers at the new prices.

The chart has only minor changes. I am grateful to all those of you who are kind enough to share with me what they have paid for watches. It is this peer to peer information that I find most valuable.

In general, it seems the watches are thinner on the ground, but if they are over pitched with some problems, they dont sell. Several 105.012’s have sold for $7,000 to $10,000 while others, with only minor but obvious defects have failed to sell at the owners expectations.

As prices have risen dramatically, so have the criticisms leveled at the chart. I reiterate, this is a private tool I make available freely, that needs to be used with a bit of common sense. As time goes by my bullet points improve:

  • Prices are Head only in USD for a complete, correctly appointed watch
  • A Collectors Grade 2915 is not the same as a collectors 145.022, which will be NOS, while the 2915 will be in very good condition, but not NOS. (As NOS 2915’s are not seen. If they exist, then the price will be much higher than the chart).
  • Prices are based on transactions, and are intended to reflect a transaction between two willing and knowledgeable private owners, NOT Dealers, nor bricks and mortar Auction houses. You will almost certainly pay more from an auction, and that is not a failure on your part.
  • Remember to factor the DO90 bezel factor.
  • The prices are meant to help you come to the ballpark. It is OK to pay more for a watch that you find desirable, for whatever reason. This is discretionary spending – it should please you.
  • If you do pay above the chart, make sure you know why – even if it doesn’t make sense to others, YOU must know.
  • Some people pay much less than the chart. Often there is a good reason, (chipped case, little spot on the dial, dented DO90 bezel), but sometimes they pay a Running price for a Good watch. It happens.

There is also a little anomaly with the 2915-3.

This watch came in two executions and they cannot be valued the same, if correctly appointed. The price in the chart really reflects the Alpha Hand, Black BASE1000 bezel version, where as the Broad Arrow, Steel BASE1000 bezel version will be closer to the price of a 2915-2 – but not quite. Again it is a case of using a bit of common sense.

from Left to right:

2915 -3, -3, -2, -1