Watches of Knightsbridge 2 July 2016

In the middle of Brexit panic WoK held a sale, with 83 Omegas there were plenty of speedmasters. After the sale at Bonhams of the two 105.003’s for over 9000 each I was looking forward to seeing how this sale went. Of course the STG USD rate is advantageous to the US buyers, but not many big collectors swing their bats at WoK.

All prices are in UK pounds sterling. I have not converted to USD as the rate is fluctuating between roughly 1.40 and 1.29 at the time of writing.

Lot 268 – 105.003-64

First up was a 105.003, described as chocolate dial, and with an extract showing it was sold from the NAAFI.

This watch failed to sell, perhaps because it was a bit of a mess, and that was a dial only a mother can love – the plots were dirty, possibly re applied (although original 003’s can have terrible plots.) The dial body was called chocolate but to me it was dirty coloured. The pushers were enormous. Estimated at 3000-5000. It was a well avoided watch. No comparison to the Bonhams watches.

lot 268 unsold

268 2
105.003 Unsold . Terrible state of the dial, I wonder if this is a failed “cooking”attempt? Bezel is correct and OK but not good, hands are ok but chrono second hand looks to be a replacement, and the hour subdial is creeping.

Lot 269 105.003-65.

A different animal, this watch has a better dial, better bezel, incorrect chrono hand (no big deal) and a much better appearance. Bid was 5500 + 25% = 6875 (as it went to an online bidder, who has to pay an extra 3.6% on top of the 21%).

Very nice dial, ok bezel, needs a service, (chrono creep again) and pushers might be originals.

Bracelet looks like it could have been added later because it fits like a cheap suit. This watch, with a little work will be very nice.

299 1

105.003-65. Sold for 6875 incl premium

Lot 270 105.012-66 CB/HF

At 4000-5000 this was never going to fly. It did not sell. The caseband is a CB version with the facet lines clearly marked, but it is fitted with an HF back. So we are looking at some kind of assembly. At best, its just a swapped back….Hands are tired, dial plots are tired, but the DO90 bezel is lovely, and I would not have been surprised if someone had bought it just to get the bezel. However there would still have been a lot to sort out, what with the back, the hands and the plots. It would be an expensive bezel.

I could not get the serial, but that would be the next step to check it is a speedmaster movement. For a dealer with lots of spares, this would have been good to own – if a little expensive.

270 1

105.012-66 CB/HF. Unsold estimated 4000-5000

Lot 271 145.012-68

Estimated 3500 – 4000 but unsold

This is a rare version, as the -68 is unusual to see. This one looks nice, at first impression, despite the wrong bezel. The dial is attractive and in general it is a good looking watch. However the serial is too early for my liking, at 2495xxxx I see this range in earlier references. Bezel is from a later 1970’s watch and so I think this watch is assembled. Even the bracelet is also from a much later period.

To be clear, this is awful. Wrong movement, wrong bezel, wrong bracelet.


271 2
lot 271 145.012-68 Unsold, estimated 3500 to 4000

Lot 272 145.022-71

Sold well under the estimate at 1600, (est 2000 – 2500). This seems a fair deal. The -71 was the last of the stepped dials and can be very attractive, and at the same time good value. from the two photos it does indeed seem a nice watch for a fair price. I have not been able to check the serial or state of the movement.

Total price 2000 incl premium


272 1
Lot 272 145.022-71 sold for 2000 incl premium

Lot 274 145.022-76

Estimated 2000 to 2500 sold for 1600, (2000 incl premium)

A straight honest watch, from the photo. The -76 has the domed dial, and so ought to be valued a little less than the -71. This one has a good dial, bezel, clean hands and a good case. It also has the correct vintage 1171 bracelet.

Lot 274 145.022-76 Sold for 2000 incl premium