Why Your 321 Needs a Good Workshop

Finding someone to work on a cal 321 is a challenge. Many can do it, if all that is needed is a strip, clean, oil and reassemble. However many 321’s are so old that something inside needs replacing. Many independents cannot access parts. Even those who can, are limited to what Omega can supply.

For some, the only option is to send to Omega in Bienne, and I think that is fraught with the dangers of replacement parts when the owner would rather keep the originals. So we have to find a workshop that is capable of actually doing the work (not everyone can work on a 321) and acceptable in the collecting community as well as access to the parts that Omega no longer supplies or even carries at all.

We also need to feel confidant that the workshop will sympathetically preserve the character of the watch.

Here is an example. This 2915-1 was found in Italy. When it arrived it was running, keeping time and apparently to my non watchmakers eye, healthy.

Here is is after a visit to STS. As can be seen, large numbers of parts were replaced, due to deterioration that would have inhibited performance. Some of the parts were supplied by me, the hands and bezel.


Here is the before shot:

front sm

 So bear in mind when you buy a 321, it probably needs something. And if your watchmaker does not have access to the part, what will he do?

All is not lost – a lot of 321’s do not need any parts. Just make sure you know what you are buying.

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