Note the silver rehaut, DO90 bezel and alpha hands. These hands are actually Omega Service replacements – correct, but new. You can tell by the square ended lume slots. This watch has had a full service, and sympathetic hand restoration and aging.

It is very attractive but when valuing, I would allocate the value similar to an example with baton hands, due the the alpha hands being service.

Produced in 1962

A very rare reference, produced for about six months. Initially it is actually an unchanged 2998-62, but with a new Omega reference number in line with the new number system. Then, part way through the production run, the hand specifications changed from alpha to baton. I am unclear when this happened or if there is a pattern to which hands were fitted when. I also do not think the serial can dictate which hand set is/was/should be fitted. I now believe that either handset on any serial is possible. While intuitively, we might think that the alpha’s are on early watches and batons on later, there is so far not enough evidence based on known one owner watches.

When a privately owned 105.002 appears on the open market, it is fiercely contested. These are very rare watches and the right one can go well into 2998 price range. They are very hard to find in an untouched or attractive condition.

These are so hard to find that you can search on the internet, through major auction house results, and still find only mediocre or unattractive results. An attractive 105.002 is extremely rare.

All this reference I have seen have SWISS MADE dials, with no T’s. In my experience, most dials are very attractive. This is now a very old watch, and many have had their hands changed.  This is the last reference to carry the silver rehaut. (The metal ring under the edge of the crystal).

1005.002-62 19m serial with baton hands. It is possible this early watch originally had alpha hands, but these look like they have been on the watch a long time. Clean SWISS dial, small pushers DO90 bezel – it is a lovely example.

Here is a Very Good example currently (March 2022) listed on Chrono 24 Link Here

As of March 2024 this example is still available at $27,000, indicating it is over priced.

Things to note are the transverse curve on the alpha hands, and the triangle lume.

While this watch is better than most, it still has some issues that a buyer would do well to understand. They are the case polish, case back engraving, slightly algae lume.

105.002-62 19m serial. This is still unserviced. This watch is exhibiting “Chrono Creep” where the hour recorder is creeping from zero. While many say that all it needs is adjustment, I will send this for a full service.

Calibre 321

Serial Range: 1958 4xxx – 1983 4xxx and 2052 5xxx


  • Stepped
  • applied metal logo
  • No Professional text


  • Straight lugs, 19mm
  • Caseback- double step with speedmaster engraved on rear


  • Hour/minute – alpha or later baton
  • Subdial – Stick, painted
  • Chrono – spear


  • 4 x 3mm


  • 7mm


  • Black BASE500 bezel with dot over 90 (DO90)

Next comes the 105.003