Here we look at all the limited production run watches up to 1978 and these can be listed as follows:

  • Metallic dials on 1960’s watches, Grey or Blue (I call them Soleil, or Sunburst)
  • Matt grey dials seen on 105.003 (seen now on 105.012 as well)
  • Black Racing Dials on 145.012’s in two executions
  • Orange Hand on the 145.012 known as the Ultraman
  • Grey Racing Dial fitted to the 145.022-69
  • BA145022-69 in 18kt Yellow Gold
  • 1975 145.022 Apollo – Soyuz
  • Alaska III – a Star cased 145.022 produced in 1978 for NASA complying with “Buy American” legislation

Blue Metallic Dials

These appear in several executions, and not all are illustrated here. They have been seen in long indices and short indices, (seen here). They are also seen with both professional and non-professional markings.

The metallic dial has been seen in the following references:

  • 2998
  • 105002
  • 105003 (The most commonly observed)
  • 105012
  • 145012

The sample size is too small to define which dial is seen in which reference.

There are also two different colours mentioned in extracts, a grey and blue.

Matt Grey Dial

This is different in that the finish is matt, and seems to degrade very easily. The dials often shows crumbling at the step, and sub dial junctions.

This watch was sold at Sothebys in July 2019, and is actually one of the best examples of this very rare dial I have seen – most are much more degraded than this.

In all the examples I have examined, the dials are in poor condition, especially the plots.

Numbers known are so low that I cannot even guess accurately, and my wild guess is less than 10 seen -so that means perhaps 50 were released?


Black Racing Dials

These are seen in Professional and non-Professional versions. Unlike the standard dial, the Professional Black Racing has smaller subdials, and consequently shorter subdial hands. The central Chrono seconds is seen in several executions.

Unusually, the professional version is more sought after by collectors – perhaps because of the unique dial plate with smaller subdials.

Values range from $50,000 to $120,000 and entirely depend on quality. One was sold at Antiquorum for $212,000, but I consider it an anomaly.

So far, the consensus between people who might know is that no more than 10 of each are known. However, we all know that consensus is not the best foundation for any conclusion.

The Ultraman

is a 145.012 with an orange hand. This example was sold at Sothebys in July 2019.

The length of the hour hand is particular to this reference and is often replaced with a shorter easily obtainable service item.

MWO is an excellent source of info for these.

And I wrote a resource page here

BA145.022-69 18kt

Initially there was a small run of 100 watches and this was increased to 1014 watches. The first were presented by Omega to the President and Vice President of the USA, and then all NASA flown astronauts at the time of November 25, 1969.

The dials are marked OM and are 18kt gold.

The best article on these Gold Speedmasters is here, written by Bradley Jacobs.

Prices have ranged between $30,000 and $110,000 (January 2022) and are depends on quality and presence of papers and the very rare original crater box.

Grey Racing Dial

Seen in 145.022-69. Numbers are very limited, and some sources quote 50 pieces. (recently some are saying 150)

Note the centers of the hour and minute hands, these are painted black, and original.

Prices have risen strongly in the last four years, and now $40,000 to $85,000 depending on condition. (January 2022)

Very few have been presented at auction in the last few years, but I know of several sold privately.

Further discussion and links here


The Apollo Soyuz

This is one of the most desirable of these specials. It has a unique dial and case, with 5.5mm pushers and an oyster style bracelet. Prices are ranging from $40,000 to $80,000 (January 2022) and I detect a very strong demand for them.

They have a numbered case back, a modified mid-case and 5.5mm pushers.

They very rarely come onto the market and when they do, even watches with problems get sold.