Getting in touch with me:

I am always ready to engage with people about speedmasters.

I am happy to help with advice on buying, or selling – or even recommissioning.

Remember this is my hobby  – sometimes my real life will get in the way of replying but I will always try to respond.

One thing I can find hard to help with is a long list of links, to online sales of watches that have been in public for a long time, and being asked to assess them and tell you which one you should buy. If I have time, I sometimes can do this, but really you should be going through each watch yourself, and deciding which you like the best – then I can comment on what you have chosen.


I am often asked if I will buy a watch. I will, if it has been with you or your family, and you have a long history with the watch. I love to buy one owner or one family watches and these I keep, treasure and care for.

I am not a dealer and I will pay over market for the right original and special watch. I do not usually buy watches you have acquired from a dealer.

Please use this form to contact me. If you have photos or files you wish to share I will contact you direct with an email address.