Only one Speedmaster in Christies Geneva this Spring. And it could be a bargain at only CHF6000 + premium low estimate. Lets have a look.

See the lot here


First things first, the price. The estimate is CHF6000-10000 which is cheap for an Ed White, Even today. That comes out including 25% premium in USD to $8320 to $13,875. If you search the net there are not many Ed Whites any good at this level.

What’s wrong with it? Well first is no bracelet, and next the case looks polished the way Omega does in a full service. This might put a lot of US buyers off.

It comes with an Omega extract, so that’s positive.

Now look at the dial, it’s a brown – and a very nice one too. I have enlarged the dial below. We can see the colour clearly, and the lume plots while thin, are still good and of course not relumed.

If this fails to reach the high estimate, then I will be surprised.

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