It is often much easier to learn from a poor watch than a good one. This is a 145.022-69 with a DN90.
It has just finished on Ebay right now and you can see it here and it sold for $3400 – but it spent a long time sub $3000 on the bidding and that makes us all take notice.
It is also very tempting when a watch is listed as a tropical speedmaster on the ‘bay. However we must be careful. These photos do not hide too much, but the dial is so bad that initially we could be mistaken for seeing the issues as lighting artifacts.
This dial has a bad loss of paint near 7 marker. There is also a chipped area between the hour and minute subdials.
The DN90 bezel is quite good.
I must stress the seller did declare all this, and nothing is hidden.


This is a poor dial, with a Good bezel. The case is ok and the watch does have an extract of the archives.

Is it worth $3400 ? Well maybe – a dial for this watch might be $1200.

Lets hope the buyer likes it.

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