Including the Ultraman!

Clearly these are very different, just that little orange hand….

Lot 7

Lot 7 145.012-67 26’072’267 $10,000-15,000

This is the only 145.012 in the sale, and this reference is getting very hard to find in nice quality, while the ordinary examples are low enough to be regularly taken apart for parts.

This one is showing a little more patina than I would like, but it still retains attraction. The plots are a bit patchy, and the bezel has some damage. Its a good example compared to many, but its not fine. It may show much better in the metal, this kind of watch often does.

It comes with a 1039/516 bracelet and it does look nice in the big photo. It will be interesting if it reaches the estimate. I think it will, and it underlines my feeling that it is quite difficult to find a nice example.

This watch is filthy at the back, and will need a service – again not a bad thing, and in fact indicative that the watch has not been prepared for sale, so the new owner can restore it as they like, retaining all the vintage charm.

Lot 33

Lot 33 145.012-67 Ultraman 26’076’555 $10,000-15,000

It will be very interesting to see where this ends up. That hand looks brand new to me. Still I am going to refrain from judging this one too deeply as those who are buyers will have already made up their minds.

This watch has fresh pushers, and combined with the hands makes me think this has been restored for the sale. Not necessarily a bad thing. I cannot believe it wont sail past the high estimate, though it lacks the paperwork that some of the very high values this reference has achieved recently ($30k+)