Produced from 1968 to 1978

Calibre 861

There are four variations each worth discussing, see below for the links to detailed pages.

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145.022-69 This is fitted with the (correct) later bezel, with large TACHYMETRE letters and the Dot Next To 90. The DO90 bezel would also be correct. Note the shorter indices on the dial, the slight step before the minute track, the T SWISS MADE T on the lower dial – poorly visible in this photo. This watch has been freshly serviced, note the clean pusher tubes.

This is usually the reference people look at first, and with good reason. It has the right combination of age, historical association, appearance, ease of service, availability and value. Even within this reference there are interesting variations. There are three variations of case back, and two bezel styles. The dials can age particularly well, with some turning a lovely galaxy chocolate brown. We see this most often in the 2911xxx and 2960xxx serials.

This reference is relatively plentiful, and so with care you can find a nice one. Things to check as ever are the correct hand layout, correct dial and the case condition. With this reference we can afford to be selective. There is no reason to accept a worn case unless it is very cheap.

These are sometimes fitted with service dials, and a quick note on 861 service dials is here.

There was a commemorative 18Kt yellow version, and there is a fantastic article here

There are four sub divisions of this reference, dealt with on separate pages via the link above or click on the images below: