29114159 145.022-69 Brown Dial

This is a good to fine example of a Chocolate ’69.

The colour is not as strong as the top, or obvious examples, but it is an extremely pleasing and obvious dark chocolate – it is the colour desired by the old school collectors, rather than the obvious milky chocolate.

The bezel is good but not top, with some marks.

The case is good, but has some surface corrosion under the lug near the seal, but it does not go into the join. It is not serious.

Movement is perfect.

Slightly brown dial, even chocolate colour throughout with no damage or decay.

Inside case back

Good Case back

Note small amount of corrosion at lug / case join

Movement was serviced by Simon Freese in May 2017. I will guarantee movement personally for another 12 months, as long as you return the watch to and from Simon at your expense.

In daylight: