I bought this last year for just under $1900, because in spite of posting the listing on this site and telling everyone it was worth buying ….no one did. So I did.





Now the sharp eyed among you will notice the lollipop.

this came out of a watchmakers box – I saw it lying there and casually asked, “Er, do you want that?” He waved his hand at me, “Take it!” he said. Unfortunately it is not a2998 lollipop, but it di fit on this.P5070003-001

It arrived with an awful Chrono hand so I dropped the lollipop on to see if it fits, and it does. I suppose one day I might put it back to the original square end chrono, but I quite like this look.

And a lovely grey bezel. There has been some talk of “bleached” bezels but this one is probably original, given the source.P5070005

So just proves that there are still bargains about for the sharp eyed.