A New Metal 2915 Bezel

Just seen on ebay, selling in UK, is this replacement 2915 bezel.

2915 replacement bezel on ebay

It is never going to fool anyone as it is, as the engraving is fresh. The seller notes it is hand engraved like the original and it is possible that this may age quite well.

There are people who know these bezels far more than me, and will immedately pick up on font variations. The problem I have is that there is such variation, and so I cannot say definitively that I have a genuine example to compare. Almost all examples of 2915 with metal bezels I have seen have been through dealers or auction hands, and therefore lost that wonderful chain of private ownership.

Repro bezel detail from ebay

The above is taken from the Phillips sale, see original listing here.

So we can see this new repro bezel should not be fooling anyone.

Original ebay listing here