An Original -74(or-71?) Ending on Ebay Right Now

Here is an interesting 145.022-74 on Ebay UK, currently at 3250 Sterling (circa $4120) with 6 hours to go. Original Listing here

This first image from the listing is a perfect example of a private listing – terrible photo, bad lighting and out of focus. Of course this can, and is replicated by unscrupulous pseudo-dealers but I think this time its genuine. About the only thing I can tell from this photo is that I am interested and want to see more. In the old days we used to bid on watches just on a photo like this.

So I need more. Pretty sure in this next shot, that has more focus, that I can see a step on the dial. So now I am more interested. It is listed as a -74 and I have seen enough step dials in 74’s to feel they are original. However, the description is set by the seller based on a receipt from 1974. It is entirely possible that this in fact a -71

The bracelet is a 1171 and has the trapeze shape logo, indicating this is a contemporary and correct bracelet.

Looking at the watch, the dial and hands and bezel all appear to have wear and patina that fit with the concept this is an single owner watch that has not been messed around with.

Looking at the basics, we have a DN90 bezel, with drop serifs. A stepped professional dial with T marks, and tritium hands. Crown and pushers are hard to judge but look original from what I see. This is a very original watch.

Here we can see the back, clearly full of wrist cheese.

So this is an example of a watch in barn find, or straight from owner condition. This is clearly reflected in the current bid, that shows people interested in this over and above that shown in a dealer presented 145.022-74, or 71.

After a service this watch should present very nicely, even though we cannot really see clearly the character of the dial, there seem to be many bidders who think like I do that as this is an original watch the chances are this dial, and indeed the whole watch, will be very attractive when sympathetically serviced and recommissioned.

It will be interesting to see where this ends up.