Brown Dial Ebay Photos vs Reality

I recently bought, and returned a 105.003 via Ebay.

Here is the main shot, and all others were this colour. It looked an interesting brown dial. Now I must say I was not convinced, but even so I put a “nuclear snipe” as a friend really wanted me to help him find a brown straight lug. We bought it at the very top – beating out a very low feed back bidder smelling somewhat of fish. Or Shill.

This are the photos from the listing:

1-from listing

1 2

The shots above were a selection from the listing which all showed the same colour tint. I realize now the photos have the red colour enhanced. My fingers dont look that colour.

The reason I returned it was that the watch that arrived:


Bore little resemblance to the sales photos, the colour of the dial was grey and dirty. No warmth or hint of the “galaxy chocolate” that the sales photos showed. It is clearly the same watch, and I suppose in my mind I knew that there was a chance that those photos were over flattering.

I contacted the seller as soon as I had taken the photos and returned the watch and he refunded the full amount.

In my opinion I thought the sales photos deceptive, and that the watch was miss represented. All the photos were processed or edited to consistently show a chocolate dial, and what arrived was dirty grey colour.

In the interests of balanced reporting the seller thought I was a flaky buyer who needed to earn his trust before working with me again.