Bonhams Feb 2022

Here is an offering from Bonham’s in their February London Auction. The link to the lot is here

With any auction offering, I always like to calculate the end price in USD and including commission, to be able to compare with other prices. So here we have sterling estimates of 4000 to 6000, which including Premium is approximately $6760 to 10,140.

We don’t have much to go on, with one photo, and Bonham’s don’t even say specifically which reference it is, but I am fairly sure it is a 145.022-69 as the serial is 2943096.

The dial does show the step, and there may be a little attractive fade in the colour, and no major, or obvious damage.

However, the lume plots seem sad.

The bezel, an important part of the value in this reference, is faded and not very attractive, but fits with the rest of the watch. It does not contribute much in terms of value, or in my opinion, attraction.

The case is not possible to assess in this image.

The bracelet should be checked to see which kind of 1171 it is.

All in all, at the low estimate after fees, at $6760 I think that while it is not so much for a 69, it is not a very nice one, and if the bidding heads towards the high estimate, then I would call it expensive.

Not such an interesting watch at this price.