Six References on You Tube

A new you tube video! Here is the link.

Sometimes the number of exectuions can be overwheming for a newcomer to Vintage Speedmasters, so I made this video to explain that most speedmasters offered are actually represented by these six references. The other watches are important, but make up a small minority of watches offered. 

This small minority consists of:

  • 105.002
  • 145.022-68 Transitional
  • Exotic Racing dials
  • 18kt BA145.022-69
  • Straight writing Case backs
  • Blank Case back

These are somehat specialist collectors examples which require a little more knowledge to help you get a good one. I hope a lot of that knowledge can be gathered on this site.


Here are the six watches discussed:

A comparisson of the DO90 Bezel and the DN90 Tall Tachymetre bezel. The DO90 bezel was fitted up to serial 30956xxx (Source, MoonWatchOnly)