Two ’69’s

It is almost impossible to go out, and buy the best speedmaster as your first one.

In a way it takes practice and experience, to find a truly special one – and that is not to take away from the everyday, less expensive speedmaster. I am talking about a special quality one, the kind of watch that sometimes sells for an amount of money that people unfamiliar with speedmasters will wonder why we pay so much

I made the decision a while ago to try and keep one example of each reference that appeals to me. This is my hobby and my pastime has evolved. Rather than buying and buying and amassing a pile of the same watch, (which has obvious drawbacks in terms of space, and value and really, how many watches of the same type do I need?). I now buy what I think is interesting and fine, and compare it to the one I have.

So  I will buy a watch if offered, if I think it is really good. Good enough to compare it to the example that is in my collection. If it is better, then it stays, and the previous one gets sold.


Over the summer I was offered two 69’s, both of which are very nice. Both were extremely pleasant experiances and both are very nice. They are examples that were owned, and both have plenty of dirt on them, and one shows less case wear than the other.

I show them here in the as bought condition:

Both have some history, but no documents.

My next step is to take off the backs, and inspect the movement and apply for extacts from the museum

Stay tuned for more news on these two soon….