Proceedure to sell to me

Here is the procedure to sell me your speedmaster.

I am very keen to buy single ownership speedmasters. 

If you or your relative bought this Speedmaster new, I will pay more than anyone else and I will not take advantage of your lack of knowledge – indeed I wrote this site so you can increase your knowledge by yourself.


  1. Send me a message and I will return to you with my email for you to return with a couple of photos.
  2. If my price idea is interesting, then I will send a FedEx label and you ship me the watch at my expense and insurance.
  3. On receipt of the watch, I will confirm my price, and send you the money by bank wire.
  4. I will provide you with full copies of my ID and any other info you require to feel comfortable.


1. My email is protected on public sites like this, so you have to contact me through the form.

2. I need to have clear photos, ideally in daylight, of the front and back. These will give me enough to identify and give you a ball park idea of the value.

3. I will send you a Fedex label, and you will pack the watch in bubble wrap, and into two FedEx boxes, one inside the other, with the inner label inside, and the outer label in the plastic FedEx pouch (which they will attach in the FedEx Store)

4. In order to pay you, I will need your bank details to send the money. This takes up to three days. In case you are worried about releasing bank details, remember each time you send a check that’s what you are doing.

There is a small chance on receipt the watch does not live up to my expectations, and I will return it to you by insured FedEx at my expense.

Who I am:

I am William Roberts, a 62 year old coloured stone and diamond trader with an unblemished reputation built over 45 years. (Watches are my hobby). My business is based entirely on trust, and so I guard my reputation ruthlessly.

I live and work between USA, UK and Asia.

As part of my hobby I release several you tube videos about my hobby especially when acquiring speedmasters.

The latest is here:


So far this year, (2024) three people have sent me watches to buy. They used the method above, and I paid them upon receipt and review of their watch.

In the past, several people have expressed worries about sending their watch to “A stranger on the internet”.

Please review my history on YouTube and Instagram – I have been on both for over 10 years, and you can see from the coments and interactions and make a judgement of my character. To have the slightest whiff of scandal and I would loose all my opportunities to find watches like yours.

I am not anonymous.