Proceedure to sell to me

Here is the procedure to sell me your speedmaster.

Remember I overpay for single owner Speedmasters, and on others I am as competitive as a dealer or eBay, and my money is good and payment is within two bank working days of receiving the watch.

  1. Send me a message and I will return to you with my email to send photos.
  2. Send me some photos of the watch and a ballpark idea of its value if you have one.
  3. I will then give you an indication of my price, subject to seeing the watch.
  4. If you agree, I will send you a FedEx label at my expense and have the watch shipped to me.
  5. Provided the watch is as I think, I will send you the money by Bank Wire


You have to give me your bank details for payments. Many American sellers have been unnecessarily scared into thinking that bank details are sacred, and must never been given out. This is strange, because every time you send a check, there are all the details, in full view to every low level employee who sees it. In Europe, we put our bank details on invoices, and no one has a checkbook any more. Anyway, if you want to sell to me, that is the way I pay, in two to three working days of receipt of the watch.

Packing: In order to comply with my insurance requirements, the watch must be double boxed – this is simple if you go to Fedex and pack it there. A medium

There is a small chance on receipt the watch does not live up to my expectations, and I will return it to you by insured FedEx at my expense.