Sothebys 105.012s

This is one of my favorite reference to collect – there is so much variety, and the pusher size makes them instantly differentiated from the other asymmetric cases.

We also find all sorts of dial variations, in the position and presence of the T marks. All dials are professional. All of the watches here carry the original fat necks.

So we have a good selection of qualities but no 63 with no T marks, and no 64.

Lot 8

Lot 8 105.012-66 24’951’146 $10,000-15,000

This watch has uneven lume, with patches missing and discoloured. The hands are missing paint at the centres and the bezel has some minor marks. It is a piece at a level, with an attraction at a certain price – it looks like a vintage watch ought to look.

Interesting to note the dial damage on the hour subdial. As a -66 I would like to see better defined facet lines, but they are a little blurred. This, combined with the circular polish marks on the case, lead me to suspect this case has been lightly polished – not such a sin, but in the -66 those facet lines suffer.

Lot 21

Lot 21 105.012-65 Tiffany 24’006’784 $12,000-18,000

Where do I begin on this one? The dial plots look a little dry, but still there. Bezel is very nice. The hands also look old. But of course we are all looking at that Tiffany script and wondering if it is genuine and worth a premium. Confirming with Tiffany themselves is not an option – years ago I had good connections with Tiffany and they told me they simply could not identify a watch sold in 1960’s for me. This watch was delivered to the USA, and bears the Tiffany signature identical to contemporary Rolex.

While this is the only double signed dial I find attractive, it will be interesting to see how much of a premium is placed – perhaps by outsiders, bidders new to the world of Omega.

I like this watch.

Lot 23

Lot 23 105.012-66 USN 24’955’264 $10,000-15,000

This lot is of poorer quality and is buoyed up by its US Navy provenance. It does not make the watch appealing to me, but I know there are those who concentrate on this sort of military connection. I suppose if you like this sort of thing the numbers and engraving on the back are a bonus, and make up for the lack of any military connection on the extract.

This watch has a lovely DO90 bezel, and fat neck pushers. It is let down by the dial plots which are missing lume in places and not very attractive. The hands seem very white and may or may not be original. In general I do not find this watch attractive.

The case back bevel is unusually large, and in conjunction with the partially removed gouge I would say it has been heavily re-polished on the back, while the front facet lines have remained.

Lot 36

Lot 36 105.012-65 22’083’266 $7,000-9,000

Here we have the cheapest of the 105.012’s and the one I would buy at its low estimate. Why? Because I think it has an attraction at this level – if it gets sold for $15,000 that is another story, but this watch has potential. We can see the chrono creep so the new owner will be servicing it.

The parts are correct, and I wonder if the hands have been replaced at some time as they are very white. I would adjust the colour of these hands to suit the watch if I felt they are not original, which is likely. The dial has close space T marks, which is correct for this reference.

It has the fat neck pushers, which are nigh on impossible to replace. The dial plots are a little dry but I think this watch has potential.

It does seem curious that if Sothebys are seeking new buyers they offer a watch that needs so much work. (This is not the only watch in the sale like that)

lot 37

Lot 37 105.012-66 24’954’998 $8,000-12,000

Another 66 this time the HF case – I do feel the HF case is rarer than the CB. Again the plots look dry. The correct DO90 bezel is damaged, and the hands look correct. The bracelet adds to the value, and again here is a watch that is cheap enough to be interesting and attractive at this level.

Lot 47

Lot 47 105.012-65 24’952’506 $10,000-15,000

This is the best one. Flawless bezel, (Is it brown?) Hands and plots match in a good way, not a “Has it been re lumed ?” way. Close spaced T marks. Fat neck pushers, 1039 bracelet and a box autographed by Buzz himself. I cannot help but think this will go high, and to a non speedy buyer. Its cool to have that signature.

As a speedy buyer, I would want to check the dial for damage at the track at 32m 42m as it may be damaged or it could be the crystal.