Sothebys 105002

The 105.002 is super-rare. Made for about six months, this reference has all the qualities of a late 2998, until the change to baton hands. All of the lots here are Alphas. One is FAP which is event rarer, and one is very good condition and quality. All seem to be estimated attractively and may well exceed the estimates.

Lot 22

Lot 22 105.002-62 FAP 19’584’305 $12,000-18,000

When a 105.002 has triangle lume hands, I value it as a 2998. It is a very rare watch. This one has documented FAP history – which will make military collectors very exited. I look just at the quality. This one seems quite good, showing some signs of wear as one might expect from a used Airforce watch. The bezel is correct and the pushers and crown look original. I think it looks cheap for a 105002 with Alpha hands.

Lot 27

Lot 27 105.002-62 19’832’118 $15,000-18,000

This looks very nice. the dial seems flawless and the hands are triangle lume. The pushers and crown look original. Lets look and the lume and inspect the hands.

Now interestingly the seller has declared himself over on and posted his own photos, and this tells us volumes about the Sotheby’s photos and what to bear in mind when looking.

Owners Photo of Lot 27 showing better the character of the dial.

Note the body colour and texture of the dial, Note also the difference in colour between the lume in the hour hand and the plots – which is good thing, shows it is probably original.

This is a high quality watch and I think it may be undervalued.

Lot 38

Lot 38 105.002-62 19’832’987 $12,000-18,000

Another chrono creeper…and another miss match lume colour on the hands, but I really like the look of the dial.The miss-match hands are a good sign and the bezel might not be the best condition but it is correct. However if that dial is as good as I think it might be this watch will fly. It has a strong suggestion of brown.