Sothebys 220 Bezels

I will look at these two lots together, Lots 2 and 5.

Both have the rare misprint 220 bezel, instead of the correct 200. This mistake was noticed quickly by Omega and so very few were released, and only a very narrow range of serials is thought correct for a 220 bezel. The market does value these bezels, but not dramatically. Personally I would concentrate more on condition, than the presence of a 220 bezel. However there is a definite rise in interest, and therefore values of these bezels. Viewing the two watches side by side above, it is clear that the left one looks nicer. However it MIGHT be that in the metal, Lot 5 is more attractive when held.

Lot 2

Lot 2 145.022-69 220 Bezel30’994’944$ 6,000-8,000

I really like this watch. It has an attractive colouring in the dial, lume and handset. The bezel is very clean and generally the watch is an attractive one to me. The case seems very good from what I can see. The presence of the box and some paperwork (but not an original guarantee) does not especially add to the attraction, because already I like this watch very much. Of the two in the sale, I want this one. It will be interesting to see how this, the first watch of the sale, goes. Sometimes in a specialty sale like this, people hold back on the first lot and regret it later.

Lot 5

Lot 5 145.022-69 220 Bezel 30’598’416 $6,000-$8,000

This is another 220 bezel, and the bezel itself is also very good. However the dial lume is a little off, and the hands are miss matching (to each other) and slightly damaged. I must say this watch is not so appealing to me, especially after looking at the first example. However I have no doubt it will sell well as there are segments of the watch collecting community that like this colour lume, and will be able to adjust the hands. The presence of the 1039 /516 bracelet no doubt explains why this slightly less attractive watch is estimated the same as Lot 2. However it occurs to me this watch may look nicer in the metal than this photo.