Sothebys 2998

Surprising that there are only three watches in this sale. One is spectacularly terrible, and the other two quite nice, and interesting.

Lot 3

Lot 3 2998-1 17’301’094 SOLD $40,000 inc premium

An interesting and attractive watch. The bezel is so faded its like the metal bezel of the 2915. But it is a BASE1000 and these are spectacularly rare. This is the -1 version so that’s always going to make it special. The dial looks correct with its short indices on the minute subdial. The hour minute hands on this are obviously transverse curved and so I call them original.

The lollipop is great, I am a fan of those. I do like this watch.

This is not a fine watch, compared to some of the 2998-1’s I see traded. But it is a good one, of a type and a level – and very attractive.

Lot 9

Lot 9 2998-61 18’419’198 $12,500 Inc Premium

This definitely the car crash of the sale. I keep looking at it, knowing there is nothing there to benefit me. I think the hands are service replacements. I think I see flat metal hands (No transverse curve) and square end lume slots on thin slots. The dial looked like it lived in loose in a drawer, and the bezel is a classic meteor bezel. There is something gungey and red between the bezel and the crystal, could it be glue or just ownership DNA? I cannot believe they listed this watch.

And those bridge colours? I can see three distinct colours – so is this watch made up of many sources? The colours are so different. I have never seen this in a confirmed original watch.

And while we are looking, check those No6 endlinks. Do they have a ridge inside? I suspect they are repros.

If you buy this watch then its going to be the proverbial Pigs Ear. (No matter what you do to it, you cannot make a silk purse).

Lot 39

Lot 39 2998-2 17’302’542 SOLD $27,500 incl premium

Now that’s a beautiful bezel. This has a good dial, with correct short indices. I think it is a very good dial. It is a lovely looking watch. However, I am not sure about the hands.

Are those curved end lume slots or square? Are the hands flat, or do they have a transverse curve? I do think the subdial hands are original.

Price is strong for a watch with these hands, but we shall see. Good 2998’s are hard to find.