Sothebys Sale BA145.022’s

There are two examples here, neither have the crater box. But so what.

Interesting that a photographer can have such different results, for two watches that ought to look the same. In my experience, when put together, any BA145.022’s have exactly the same colour gold. So a bit of a schoolboy photographic/editing error here.

These watches are very rare, and the things we need to watch are the DO90 burgundy bezel, which are irreplaceable, and which kind of dial do we have. We also have to make sure the bracelet fits, as sizing them is a jewelers job and one that not many can do properly. So dont accidentally buy a short bracelet if you have gorilla wrists because making a link will be about $1,500 a link – if you can find someone who can do it. (I know a guy…)

In general I love these. They are iconic, and rare. I met an owner who wore one on a strap as his one and only watch and I loved that look. However, if you do that you will loose the crispness of the case – it will become “yours”. And in so doing increase the value of the remaining crisp ones. Of all the watches in the sale I feel these are the one that will experience parabolic rise in values in the next few years.

Lot 13:

Lot 13 BA145.022-69 28’420’772 $35,000 – $50,000

This is not a good photo. The colour is wrong, and so we cannot judge the bezel properly.This watch has the oval O in Omega and it has the correct bezel. As many do, this shows some tarnishing and this is often a good sign. I suppose its the price tag for not being worn much. this comes with a box, but not the box, and some paperwork. I am trying hard to see from the catalog why this is valued $10,000 to 15000 more than the next lot. I would guess the condition of the case is superior.

Lot 49:

Lot 49 BA145.022-69 28’420’767 $25,000-35,000

Well this one also has the oval O and the DO90 bezel. There is an engraving on the bracelet, but I am trying to see if there is some wear in comparison to lot 13. The bezel is a little faded, and there is damage to it at the 120 mark.The crown is different too, and I suspect this watch may just be a little worn compared to lot 13.

I urge anyone looking to buy these lots to check the crowns, and the bracelet lengths and condition, as well as the overall condition of the cases.

I think these watches will start to get very valuable, with the coming of the modern version. They are rare, and finding one in good condition very hard.