Sothebys Sale Transitional

Lot 6 145.022-68 27’324’930 $7,000 – $9,000

These transitionals are rare, and often the dial lume shows degradation.

The dials seem to be prone to suffering more than others of this era, in terms of lume loss or dial fade. This one has these issues to a certain extent, and it is hard to fully see the dial. I have a default liking for a transitional, as they are so rare, so they have to be pretty bad for me not to want it!

The hands lume has gone black, and this combined with the variation in the dial lume, makes me confident this is a natural dial and hands.

This is the only transitional in the sale and I expect it will be fought over.

It comes with correct bracelet, and so I think the estimate is fairly on track. It is a good looking example. It should sell well.