Sotheby’s Straight Writing

There are three in the sale, one being the super special Apollo version. With the more common back we have to make sure it is not the modern service replacement – this is easy as the modern ones have longer opening slots. All backs here are correct.

Lot 15

Lot 15 145.022-69 Apollo 31’625’007 $8,000 – $10,000

Now watch out this has a modern replacement bezel, so while for me it is a buy, then we must factor in the cost and hassle of finding a correct DN90 bezel. The quick way to spot this as a modern bezel is the lack of serifs, most easily seen on the 70. Dial and handset are attractive. There is some loss of lume on the hands but I think they are honest. But I am biased because I like this watch. It is very rare, and to be honest I would buy this in its current state. In fact I would buy one in almost any state, as they are never seen. This watch comes with an original spec 1039/516.

Lot 26

Lot 26 145.022-69 SW 31’615’130 $5,000 – $8,000

Looks correct, though the bezel is a little tired. The hands have lost some paint at the centres. The watch is USA delivered and so I think it the bracelet is one added after import – marked 12 and 47 endlinks. Here is the back:

I am concerned about the crown, I dont like the look or fit of it. However this will be taken care of by a proper service, and is really not important.

Lot 32

Lot 32 145.022-69SW 32’199’041 $8,000-12,000

Here we have the second Straight Writing. By having two, comparison is easy. Look at lot 26. For me, this is not as good. The plots are less attractive. The bracelet is not a desirable one. The bezel is very nice. The listing states that the watch comes with the original guarantee.

Here is the back. Note the remains of the black paint, which is usual on these, or even less paint as in the previous lot.