2998 I didnt buy

Today I just missed this rather nice 2998 in a minor auction, Jones and  Horan in New Hampshire USA. The link is here

The watch appears to be a complete “owners” watch. That is not one held and manicured by a collector. The one thing I dont see is a number on any of the paperwork.

It sold for USD $29,000 which I think was a good deal. I think that this is probably worth about 35,000 to 40,000 in Geneva today.


An appealing looking watch with correct components. It is always hard to see if the alpha hands are flat (so new) or transverse curved, (old).

The dial is round O, long indices and correct for the -5. Photos are not great and its hard to see much detai on the dial, but I think its good. The plots are a little weak, but as we would expect.

The bezel is great, until we see the scratch at 130. Interesting that if the same scratch was at the upper half I would hate it, but at the bottom like this I could live with it.

The case is also very good, and the case back lines are wll defined. I think the mid case is in good shape too, with strong definition for a 2998.

The pushers and crown look original.

The bracelet is a 7912 with No 6 endlinks, and I always allocate about $5,000 to $10,000 depending on condition. This one is stretched, but it does have spare links.

The watch comes in its original (looking) box, and some documents.

What I do not see, is a numbered guarantee. This COULD be an elaborate put together set, to fool us into thinking that the watch is a single owner, documented item, where in reality the head, bracelet, box and documents could all have been brought together.

I don’t think so, I like to think this is a genuine, owned watch.

The bid of $29,000 is not subject to any further premiums.

If the bezel had been without the scratch, and the plots a little prettier, imagine the price.