How to Buy a Vintage Speedmaster

Buying a Vintage Speedmaster is a challenging task because of the myriad of changes that took place throughout the production, from the initial Speedmaster 2915 produced in 1957, all the way through until today.


Here we shall concern ourselves with watches manufactured before 1978, which was the last year Omega stamped the year of manufacture inside the caseback. It is also the period that produces the most interesting and attractive looking pieces, along with the widest variation in values. Post 78 watches are perfectly good watches but unlikely to vary in value or appearance, for the near future.

A selection of Speedmasters from my collection. Some are correct, some are not, and one is a transplant from a MkII. All are attractive in their own right, and are part of my collection. It is important to know what is, and is not original. An unoriginal watch can still be attractive, but it is worth less than an original. Thats why we need to know.

This site is all about the assessment and valuation. We need to know if the watch is original, or what is incorrect, in order to find a value. This site will help you to identify the right watch, for the right price, in the right condition.

The site is divided as follows:



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