A Rare Beast – 105.012-64

This appeared on the radar recently

As arrived:


Now a 105.012 is not so rare, they come up regularly at auction and on Ebay, as well as the FS section of OF……but not the -64.

For those of us anoraks who aspire to the full set of full set of 28 production references, this is a very rare bird.  I have seen only one other for sale.

This particular watch sparked a debate about the lume, and originality of the hour and minute hands. I have to say this watch looks so good on arrival I am not sure I mind!This is a prime example where the choice is to own this one or not, rather than is this in good enough condition. The fact is this is the only -64 I have seen to buy – if I want one, then its this one or none.

Are the hands relumed? I do not think so – they may be coloured. However I have never seen a relumed chrono hand so defined on the lume at the tip.

The dial and case are in exceptional condition and I have not yet opened it up to check the movement. One thing I did not notice until arrival is that the crown is the wrong size. The bezel is pretty shocking to the left.

Here shown with a recently acquired basket case of a 145.012. Note the smaller crown on the leather strapped 105.012-64

The other thing of note is that the box and papers are almost certainly nothing to do with the watch – the papers are not filled.


These shots were done quickly on the Iphone and so not the best.

What A Difference A Bezel Makes…

Here are some tired looking bezels on two 2998’s. Swapping bezels  makes a significant improvement to the appearance – and value.


These tired bezels change the appearance of what is otherwise a very nice pair of watches. Finding bezels is not easy, and several sold this year in excess of $1500 – although these were near perfect examples of the DO90 bezel. I spent some time looking for and selecting two bezels to replace them.P5240068

Here is the result: P5240079

Actually, neither of these bezels fitted the watches. One went on too easily and would have fallen off on first use. The other would not click on at all. Both these situations are not uncommon when changing bezels, and it is not a home fix. It requires some metal work. So I had to send them both to the workshop for the “adjustment”. This is not uncommon – sometimes I am lucky and it snaps on, and others it wont “click” on at all. In this case one of them was too loose, and one was too tight.

They are both back now from the workshop and all is well.

Watches Of Knightsbridge Results

Pictured above is the 2998 sold in lot 236 for over $11,000

Here are the results, you can see the assessment and pictures here – Results are also added into the report.

Lot 225 145.022 Sold For £1300 bid, £1660 incl ($2565)

Lot 226 145.022 Sold for £1200 bid, £1532 incl ($2366)

Lot 228 145.022 Not Sold

Lot 229 145.022 Not Sold

Lot 230 145.022-69 (Engraved back) Sold for £1900 bid, £2426 incl ($3747)

Lot 231  145.012-67 Sold for £2800 bid, £3575 incl ($5521)

Lot 232 145.012-67 Sold for £2750 bid, £3511 incl ($5422)

Lot 233 105.003-65 Not Sold

Lot 234 105.003-64 Sold for £3200 bid, £4064 incl ($6276)

Lot 235 105.003-65 Not Sold

Lot 236 2998-62 Sold for £6000 bid, £7662 incl ($11,833)

105.012 Pusher Size – A visual


One of the things to check on a 105.012 is the size of the pushers. This reference uses a shorter 3mm high pusher that I find visually more pleasing than the larger size normally fitted to Asymmetric cases. (Some quote pusher size as being 2.7mm). All the ones I have seen are press – fit, but that does not mean they all are. So here are two watches, a 105.012 on the left with noticeably shorter pushers than the 145.012 on the right.

Price Chart Update September 2015

There have been some more interesting developments in the Speedmaster market, not always enough activity during the summer months but I think I see some trends:

  • The cheapest 861’s sold over the summer that I see, were in the 1800 range. Still needing a service, this is more than this time last year.
  • 2998’s in original condition, or at least original specification, are really pushing the ceilings. Although several dealers were roundly ridiculed in the various fora for offering 2998s at over $20,000, I think this may well turn out to be the average rather than the limit in the coming months. It must be stressed, that this applies ONLY to original watches. There are so many watches with replaced hands, bezels, even dials on offer that this can cloud an accurate view of the market.

This is September. It is quite possible after the coming round of bricks and mortar auctions that prices will have to be adjusted again.

Click here for September Price Chart