A Rare Beast – 105.012-64

This appeared on the radar recently

As arrived:


Now a 105.012 is not so rare, they come up regularly at auction and on Ebay, as well as the FS section of OF……but not the -64.

For those of us anoraks who aspire to the full set of full set of 28 production references, this is a very rare bird.  I have seen only one other for sale.

This particular watch sparked a debate about the lume, and originality of the hour and minute hands. I have to say this watch looks so good on arrival I am not sure I mind!This is a prime example where the choice is to own this one or not, rather than is this in good enough condition. The fact is this is the only -64 I have seen to buy – if I want one, then its this one or none.

Are the hands relumed? I do not think so – they may be coloured. However I have never seen a relumed chrono hand so defined on the lume at the tip.

The dial and case are in exceptional condition and I have not yet opened it up to check the movement. One thing I did not notice until arrival is that the crown is the wrong size. The bezel is pretty shocking to the left.

Here shown with a recently acquired basket case of a 145.012. Note the smaller crown on the leather strapped 105.012-64

The other thing of note is that the box and papers are almost certainly nothing to do with the watch – the papers are not filled.


These shots were done quickly on the Iphone and so not the best.