Ultraman Resource Page

The Ultraman is an original watch produced by Omega in very low numbers, (the number bandied about is 50 pieces) and the only confirmed difference as stated in the extract is the fitment of an Orange chronograph hand.

The watch is essentially a 145.012-67 with a long orange chronograph hand.

The Sources

MWO has determined that they are all in the serial range between 26.076.xxx and 26.079.xxx. They also determined the orange chrono hand length is 18.80mm and unique to this execution.

Here is the MWO Ultraman article, in which they determine the orange chrono hand length, serial range and propose a date range of mostly June 1968, with a few later in July and August.

The museum will issue an extract for an Ultraman but it does not call it  “ultraman” , it simply notes the watch is a 145.012 with a special orange hand.

According to my conversations with the staff, the records show that these watches were fitted with “Special Equipment” but the information in the archive does not specifically say what this equipment was.

I believe that the museum staff were pressured by owners to make a policy to state the orange hand specifically on extracts. (When in fact there is no such information in the archive to prove that the special equipment is in fact an orange hand – although common sense and weight of probability favours this conclusion). This is why initially no extracts were granted without inspecting the hand first – so that they could establish the pattern of what was fitted.

Here is an article by Fratello

Photo linked From Fratello, watch believed owned by Davidoffs

Some examples harvested from the Internet

Please note I have tried to attribute and if anyone feels I have it wrong or you would like links removed then send me a message.

This photo shows clearly the aging on an Ultraman. The chrono hand looks long enough to reach over the track, and the lume is pumpkin coloured.

This photo was seen on Monochrome Watches, but I am not certain it is the original photographer

Here is an example shown by Analog Shift.

Here the hand appears more reddish and the lume is less coloured than many.

Again from Analog Shift is this one on its extract:

Here is an example sold by Lauritz. com in 2014: Here again we see the hand is reddish. It is clearly long enough to satisfy the hand length criteria. The full page is here.  This watch does look like a bargain today, even if it turns out not to be an Ultraman. There was no serial listed in the auction so I cannot check.

Here is one seen on OmegaForums.net, the page is here

The great thing about this post is the fine photos of the dial, linked here – again a slightly reddish hand.

And here the owner has decased for a closeup of the dial . The lume is completely gone and we see only the white paint on the dial.

In 2017 Ebay offered this example.

Interestingly the extract did not mention the orange hand, but it does appear to be long enough and the serial falls in range. Here we see the close up of the dial and hand. Again the hand strikes me as reddish. It clearly extends to minute track. It was on offer for euros 17,000.

Another from Ebay 2018, sold for $35,000. While it did not have an extract, the serial falls into range, and it was also a Meister Dial. You can see the original listing here, and it raises a few questions, but as I said, it sold and I reckon someone with the museum’s number got confirmation of it being Orange Hand if the extract was re issued. Strictly speaking I have to regard this as unconfirmed, but possibly correct.

Here is another from Omegaforums, this time in 2015. In the thread it discusses the hand lenth as being too small (i cannot tell) and that it sold for over $8500. As the serial is in range it is possible that it is genuine. In fact there is a serial on the MWO table that is the same as this to the last digit,

In the same thread is Kringkilly’s watch – interestingly he reports the history as the owner requested the AD to replace the hand on a new speedmaster with an orange one – and it was not known if that was the case or if the watch was delivered as is. Note the reddish hand again.

This one, from “one more soul”(?) appears to have a very orange hand, but the right length. I do not know how real this is as the page disappeared


Here is one offered by Watches of Knightsbridge in November 2018

Non Ultramans(!)

There are those that seek to profit by simply fitting an orange hand and selling it as an Ultraman. This is hard now, as we now know the serial range and the hand length. The latter might be replicable, given the values, but the serial is immutable.

Here is an examples offered by Watch Seller in Australia. Interestingly I believe this might not a genuine Ultraman as the orange hand is short, and the serial is 26m but the third digit does not look like a “0”.

In conclusion

There has been proposed that Ultramans need to have a special dial. I have heard the adjectives, silky and anthracite to describe it, and also that the plots should be caramel colour.

I cannot find evidence to support the idea that all Ultramans have black glossy dials and caramel lume, but I accept the dial colour discrepancy  could easily be because the photos do not show it. But I have to say from what I have gathered here, I do not see a noticeable difference between the ALL dials of the Ultraman and a standard 145.012.

I remain open to evidence, and it may well turn out to be the case.

We shall see