Two Gold Speedmasters

Here we stray a little, and show a shot of the BA145.022-69 and the Gold Plated MkII.

BA145.022-69 and a 145.014 MkII

Interesting to note the common appearance. The MkII was intended to replace the “Moonwatch” and it might have indeed been more suited to rugged treatment with its thickened case and more protected pushers and crown. However NASA wasnt interested as the 145.022 was already proven and flight tested and they did not need to update it.

Of course these are gold watches, never intended for anything other than showing off. The gold plated MkII is really the cheapest path to Speedmaster 861 ownership and when I bought this, it was practically free. (About $450, the price of a 861 movement at the time).The both carry the burgundy bezel. In the case of the MkII it is painted, or printed onto the underside of the mineral glass and is integral to it. On the BA145.022-69 you can see it is a later service bezel, still available from Omega. At around $1500 last time I checked.

The Gold plated MkII here has been serviced with Omega supplied puhers and crown – these look a slightly different colour. This photo is a little fuzzy at the case, but it is sharp. The focus is on the dial furniture.

The MKII in this execution has a quite elaborate dial, quite different from the flat printed dial of the steel version. Note the raised hour markers.

And for comparison here is the steel version (with the rarer seen though freely available Decimale bezel) and flat dial – interestingly the dial on MkII’s are completely flat, whereas the moonwatch dials are either stepped or domed. The MkII dial can and has been fitted to a moonwatch case by private owners.