A look at some recently sold 105.012’s

Here are three recent ebay sales of 105.012. These watches do seem typical of the choice a buyer now has. They all come via dealers, and have problems that a knowledgeable buyer will easily spot. So lets learn from them. Its always more interesting to learn from poorly prepared watches – and these do seem to be prepared for sale.

105.012-65 Serial 22825xxx

Ebay, March 5th 2017,

Sold for $7500

Very nice looking dial and handset, not so nice bezel.

Service pushers.

The dial lume is very even and strong. Is it relumed? Well it does seem incongruous with the state of the movement. I have to be honest the reason I question the lume is the colour, the condition, and…the fact the seller is in Italy. If it is a relume it is very good, so good I have to wonder, does it even matter? I have not fully answered that one yet. One thing, that compared to a dial with washed off lume, showing only white indices, the price is the same.

But look at the movement – this is never going to come up to standard that Omega requires when returning a watch after service. Note the discolouration on the movement, and the corrosion on the steel parts. The parts are also different colours.

I would not be too thrilled about those engravings on the lugs, probably watchmakers marks.

The pushers are the modern service replacements

I dont think this watch can be sorted with the movement issues – which is a shame because rest is quite acceptable.

105.012-65CB Serial 25441811

Ebay February 6th 2017

Sold for $8300

(Uraguay seller but with good pedigree)

Good looking watch, with the wrong pushers but still with the facet lines on the lugs unique to this case.

This is a much better watch – still needs a little work to correct the pushers but a fabulous bezel and a good dial. Hands show some damage from service.

Movement is clean and correct.

Clear view of incorrect pushers, and also the engraving ÖSTERR. RUNDFUNK which from a quick google search could be the Austrian broadcaster.

This is a much better deal. In fact I think this would have sold for higher if offered in USA or EU.

This watch is deceptively good.

105.012-65CB Serial 254xxxx

Ebay February 2th 2017

Sold for $6200

Nice looking dial, ok hands, poor bezel, and polished case – it has lost its facet lines.

The polishing work is obvious by the blurred lines on the case back.

The movement is again corroded, and this one shows damage to screws as well. Its not good.

This watch is the cheapest of the three, and the least likely to give long term pleasure. The movement is poor and the case is over polished. What made it sell was the dial, which is nice and the heart of the value.

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