An Assessment of a 145.022-74

Trawling ebay, as we all do, I saw this 145.022-74


Is it worth buying? A quick check on the price chart and it shows values of:

145.022-7x 1700 1850 2800 3300

As of today it has a bid on it of $1500 and three bidders, each with several hundred feedback. So what is it?

Back to basics, and we need to know the reference, as confirmed by the case back, and the movement number and calibre. The seller in spite of his terrible photography skills, manages a near perfect shot of the movement and caseback:


It is an 861, serial 31620909 and the caseback is marked 145.022-74. That all fits with accepted ranges.

1-MOV 1-MOV-001

It has some problems. The bezel, while correct is on crooked – this indicates much deeper issues. Why was it put on wrong? Or is it loose? It is a nice looking correct bezel with a gentle fade. But it needs attaching properly. The 60 should be above the 12 marker.


The dial looks acceptable, correct (domed, no step) and with slightly discolored plots – in an attractive way. The hands are tired, possibly dirty, and the chrono is of course a bastard that shouldn’t be on there.

The hour subdial is creeping, and this would be corrected at service.


The crystal is cracked.


The rear photo shows a clean case, with a new gasket, and very dirty pushers and incorrect crown:


The 1171 if not the 1171/1 will add value. It is a usable bracelet, and suits the watch.

It is in shocking condition – perfect for a service / restoration. Most of the problems will be sorted with a correct service by a technician with access to parts.

So what is it worth? Well certainly I think it is a sound basis for a nice watch after service and clean. That to me makes it “good” less the cost of service. So $2800 -$650 so $2150.

Now if the service is not carried out by a proper techician, and all the service parts are not replaced, then its not what I am talking about. The crystal, crown, pushers, chrono hand all need to be changed, and the hands hopefully just cleaned.

When I started this post I thought this watch was awful. Having gone through it step by step, it seems a good proposition for someone wanting an early 1970’s watch with the domed dial and a little character.

At the end of the day, this is what it could look like:

145.022-78. 39m serial
145.022-78. 39m serial