An Interesting 145.0?? On Ebay

After several requests for an opinion on this, I am writing this post.

Offered again for sale on ebay, this is a rather strange concoction. It carries a service dial, which I have a soft spot for – these service dials are actually quite rare, and can carry their own charm.

(All photos are from the listing)


On first sight it is a very clean watch. On closer inspection the cons mount up quickly.

This watch has been sold once already, at quite a high price of 2900 sterling which equates to a fraction under US$4500. The buyer backed out, apparently.

Now what is it? Lets go through, using the Speedmaster101 technique! We need to find calibre, caseback number and serial, then check if it all comes together:

Calibre and serial:


 Calibre 321, asymmetric bridge with a serial of 27320298.

Now the case back…. a CB case (back)!

s-l1600 cb

So now we must turn our attention to the case band (As MWO has coined it). A real CB case will have facet junctions, but this does not. Indeed the case band does not seem to have the same wear as the back. So it would appear the sellers assertion that the caseback is non original is correct.

Now lets check the serial.

27320298 is in a very rare range, and seen in 145.012-68. It is not possible this was in a 105.012 going on previous observations.

So now what? We have what appears to be a watch of many origins. There is a possibility this was a factory serviced watch – after all that service dial came from somewhere. The bezel is from the late 1969+ era, and in good condition. The dial is a service dial but we have to be careful here. We need to be sure that it is not an 861 dial, as these can be dropped onto a 321 movement – they wont stay without some help (dial pads), but I have seen it. This has a painted logo, so less desirable.

There are all sorts of reasons this watch might have ended up like this, but they do not affect its value – it is a frankenwatch.

I could only value this a parts. That means 1000-1500 for the movement, 600 for the back, 100-200 for the dial and 200 for the bezel. The caseband with new pushers will have some value too. But that’s just me. With 321 speedmaster prices rising ever higher perhaps someone is willing to make the compromise.

As ever with an Ebay auction, buy the seller.