The -74 came in, and it’s a Result!

I bought this after no one picked up on my recommendation.

On arrival I was expecting a worse watch than I got. The photo shows the lower subdial not centred and so I was expecting Chrono Creep and and immediate service required.

I was too exited to take pictures as I went, and anyway my camera is in a different country. (So Iphone pictures).

This is what I did:

  • De-cased the movement
  • Replaced the crown on the existing stem
  • Stripped out the pushers, discovered a missing spring in one.
  • Removed the crystal and polished it
  • Polished case and back with Cape Cod cloth
  • Found a non omega lollipop chrono hand, for now.

should have taken photos but way to exited. Here is before and after:

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