Antiquorum March 2021

A review of three speedmasters offered for sale

On March 3 Antiquorum is offering 322 lots for online auction in Hong Kong, and this is a link to the sale catalog.

There are three pre 1978 speedmasters on offer, plus a MkII. I have released a video discussing the watches and it is here:


First I have to say I have no connection to the watches, or Antiquorum, other than I would quite like to buy one of them at the right price.

Second, do make your own choices and decisions, and no responsibility is taken over what you might do as a result of looking at anything I publish.

Remember the sale is online, and in Hong Kong and the currency is Hong Kong Dollars, and there will be 25% added to the final bid.

If you go to the Antiquorum auction site and search for Speedmaster is eight lots will come up for the sale in March,  however only three of them are pre-1978 Speedmaster‘s and will review these.

Finally do not forgot if you buy it and have to ship through a dutiable border then you will have to pay that too.


This the first of them and it is a 14502 to 69. It has a lot of issues and I go into detail in the video but essentially for the $16,750 that they are asking at the low estimate (including premium) it is a very expensive 69 for one that has  several condition and originality issues

Lot 176

This is a 145022-71 and it is the cheapest Speedmaster in the sale.

Overall it has an attractive original look based on the photographs shown and as a result I find it desirable. It’s always a question of finding the right combination of attractiveness and price and here at the low estimate I think it’s good. These  -71’s are terribly difficult to find, and I think they are much underrated reference with the step dial and the engraved back combination which is unique to this reference. Although we do see step dials in -74s as I think the dials were changed in this reference. In any event a step dial combined with an engraved medallion back is a rare thing.

Things to inspect on this watch are the bezel, which is a little blurry, the hands that are missing paint, and the dial plots which have some minor issues. However overall I find that the condition and originality balance with the low estimate to make it worth considering.

It also comes on a 1039 bracelet which adds to the value and attraction.

Again I go into details in the video as to what I think about this watch.

Lot 177

This is another almost correct watch that is priced so it that makes us think that it could be worth buying.

To be clear, its not a fine watch, it has minor condition issues, and its main attraction is that at the low estimate it has correct parts, and while those parts are not in great condition they do compliment each other.

At the low estimate adding the 25% premium is this works out at about US$8750 and as a result is definitely worth considering because it is a very attractive largely original watch. It is hard to find attractive 105.012’s under $10,000 USD.

Investigating it, I see that it is an HF case with a single step case back and no facet lines at the top of the lugs. It has the fat neck pushers which is essential to the enjoyment of this reference for me and although I think the crown might be a service replacement that’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things.

This auction is being conducted on the 3rd of March online and has over 322 lots in it and as ever with Antiquorum a huge quantity and variety of vintage watches – always a learning opportunity. I cannot wait to get back to in person viewings!