A broken 145.012 for $8,000 ? Not this one

This 145.012 is on a BIN Ebay listing, for $7995 and is in Honolulu

I think the seller is private, and has presented this watch to an Omega Boutique, who has informed him it needs a service.

You will immediately note the chrono hours counter is not re set, and indeed the seller mentions that the chrono is not re setting correctly.

The watch comes with some straps, no bracelet and a red omega box.


We only have four images to work with, and of the face this out of focus picture is what we have to work with while deciding the quality of the dial.

We cannot possibly tell the quality of the body here. It could have all sorts of damage. We can see there is a step, but we do not know if all the white marks are dust, crystal damage or dial damage.

We can see the plots probably have some deterioration but again, the seller is not helping his case. Strangely, had this watch been offered on open auction it is possible some crazy SpeedFans start fighting over the possibilities, where as in cold blood no one is going to risk $8,000 on these photos. I do not think the lume is especially attractive.

The hands have lost lume and paint.

The hour subdial is pointing past 2.



The picture above is not very helpful, but never be shy of downloading images and manipulating them in case there is some info to be gleaned:

So after cropping and playing with the levels, we get a bit more info, but not a lot. What it tells me is that I quite like the watch, but at around half the asking in todays market. That might be a bit harsh, but remember this is a watch where every part is poor to fair, and the best thing going for it is the movement:

For a terrible photographer, this is a great shot to assess the movement – I suspect if came from a watchmaker.

Look at each of the screws, they are mostly clean. The column wheel is intact. The bridges are showing colour differences but I think that might be the light. In view of the screw condition I think it less likely this is assembled.

It comes with an extract:


This is an attractive, wearable fun 321 Speedmaster that shows considerable use, needs a service and is something I would happily buy or recommend and the right price.

What would be the right price?

Well as I am flying in the dark I am making some assumprions about the quality of the dial and case. So here we go:

Dial: Fair

Bezel: Fair

Case: Fair/Good

Movement: Very Good

We dont need to specify the grade on the hands and service parts as it wont influence the value.

On the chart I note that a FAIR 145.012 is $5,000 USD.

It would be interesting to know if others think its worth that much, especially as I myself might only want to give $4000-4250 for it.