Ed White Just Sold on Ebay $10,100

This Ed White Just finished on Ebay. and it fetched $10,100 – and had multiple bidders.

It comes from a reputable dealer in USA, (Menta watches ) who has a very good reputation, and so I can see why bidders had confidence.

When I first saw the photo, I immediately said to my self, “that’s a re lume”  – so I was happy to see that this was  declared almost immediately in the description, as to be expected with this seller. He is completely open.

So is over $10,000 for  a re lumed dial, is that a lot? I was in two minds, but now  look at this next photo, presumably in daylight – it looks better, and less “re Lumed”. In addition we have to value the watch for components, or imagining we had to find a dial.

Now it is true the lume plots are dark, and not as attractive as some. However the overall appearance of the watch is of an attractive vintage pieces, with correct bezel, dial, case and parts. The hands are perhaps older restorations, or possibly original finishes, but in any event they look like the hands themselves can be thought of as original. They are not in great condition but they look right.

When buying a vintage watch, we are looking for something that has a level of correctness, originality and condition, that is acceptable for the price we are paying. Not everyone wants to pay $30,000 for an Ed White that has no issues and is in top original condition. So it is always about compromise and finding a balance. The question we have to ask is that for $10,100 is this a good watch to own, and is there a better one for this price out there? (this last question is for you to go and hunt for yourself.)


In the above photo I can see the plots are not so jarring on the eye. In fact in this image I do not immediately think re lume, though with prior knowledge we can pick up clues  – the colour, the consistency and the covering do suggest re lume.

If we look closely (below)and raise the light level, we can clearly see the area around the 10 oclock plot shows where it has been worked, I and I pretty certain anyone but a novice will call it a re lume, after studying the plots closely.

Remaining with the dial, the re lume is not in doubt, it is declared.

Still on the dial, I can see some marks on the hour sub dial near the 11 marker. As these are in the same place when viewed from different angles, I assume them to be on the dial.

There are one or two other specks that I think are on the dial. However this watch is already downgraded on the dial so one or two specks will not affect the value greatly.


The bezel is correct, DO90 but it is between fair and good for me.

We can count the blemishes and in this case I see only three minors, but two major (above TAC letters and at 140). I also see some deterioration on the inner edge 120 – 73. So it is closer to Good than Fair, but the Fair side of Good.

The bezel is ok but not super valuable. It is right for the watch. I think it is commensurate with the rest of the watch. Grading bezels is always arbitrary at this level.

The Case

Its pretty good. It has some wear, and the seller declares a polish. I am on red alert here for some very minor corrosion in the join between the case back and the mid case. I think there is very, very minor pitting, or it could be dirt.

I am also baffled as to what the white dots are in the gasket groove. I have not seen this before.

The case back is a little soft at the bevel lines, (rounded) but not bad. The sides show slight loss of definition, in common with most Ed Whites offered, but again it is within acceptable limits. Were we to only buy old speedmasters with sharp lines on the lugs, most people would not have any.

Also at this level ($10K) we have to be more forgiving on the case than $30k.

Pushers are probably older service – the necks are so clean – or originals, and the crown is 24 tooth.

Price Chart Comparison:

Fair $10,000        Good $18,000

This watch sold for $10,100

The tough part is valuing a re lumed dial. Perhaps a good way of thinking of it is as a washed dial, or a dial without lume at all. Which for me is Fair unless the dial has bad marks (then it is poor). So thinking of this watch as fair, is about right. Having said that, this watch does have an attraction, and so it might be considered better than Fair.

I think this watch sold for about the right price, or perhaps a little under. The re lumed dial does make it hard, especially since there are much better re lume example out there nowadays.

So a good entry level Ed White?

I think I have to say it was worth the money, as the break value is around this figure.