WOK December 2020 – Review

Watches Of Knightsbridge Sale on 5th December 2020 can be found here.

Prices quoted are the Hammer Price. I then add 25.2% and convert to USD for the Final Price


Lot 93

145.012-67 Ultraman

15,000 – 25,000 GBP

Hammer 18,000

Final price $30,200

Comes with “Orange Hand”extract, 1171 bracelet, and service bezel

The dial may be one of the darker, satin dials that some expect on UM’s. Hard to see on the photo. I couldn’t see any significant damage to the body, or print. The lume is patchy, and not attractive, with the white paint showing in numerous places,

The case shows some signs of wear, and has experienced some loss of definition, though not bad. The crown is 32 tooth. The case is quite dirty and I would assume the little spots to be dirt but it could be minor corrosion – only inspection would tell us, and I did not handle it.

The orange hand satisfies the length test, and also the Hour minute hands have the same white paint that I am seeing on many UM’s.

The watch has the Extract stating Orange Hand.

The bezel is a worthless service replacement and the bracelet is also a service 1171/1.

Its not a good example of an Ultraman, but it is a true one as far as I can see. With a new/old bezel fitted, and 1039 bracelet, it will look pretty good, but with those degraded plots it is always looking expensive to me.(But I am slow to understanding these prices)

However, if you want one, there is not much choice so I make no criticism of the buyer for purchasing this at all. The price paid is in line(ish) with the condition, were it to be complete, but I think price is a little high given the lack of a DO90 bezel.

Lot 94


12,000 – 15,000 GBP

Hammer 15,500

Final Price $26,000

Comes with box and some documents, no extract.

Missing any end links

The immediate impression is that this is an original watch, untouched from a private owner. But If I had to guess, I would say it is from via dealer. Why? Because this is a difficult watch. the dial is covered in white spots, but otherwise the watch is attractive, with the triangle lume hands and the colour of the dial.

It is a difficult watch to restore as you arealways going to be heldback by the spotty dial (if it is!) and the poor bezel.

You can see the general attractiveness here:

Now we can also see the actual dial condition from the next close up of the dial. Either the dial is covered in white spots or the photographer has failed to blow off all the dust – only a physical inspection would confirm. this is a shot of the dial and movement removed so nothing between the lens and the dial – Is it dust? If it is that is some spectacularly lazy photography.

Now we can also see the actual dial condition from the next close up of the dial. Either the dial is covered in white spots or the photographer has failed to blow off all the dust – only a physical inspection would confirm.

The bezel is Fair to me.

The hands are correct and desirable.

The case is pretty good, and shows good definition and no corrosion. If you look at the edge of the lip below, I and fairly sure that is dirt, not corrosion as it is reddish not black, and it is not on the case back. Again, better check with an inspection or bid thinking it might be corrosion just in case.

The bracelet looks like and early 7912 and this has considerable value even though the endlinks are missing. At $26,000 this falls between Good and Very Good, 22,000 to 30,000.

It all depends on that dial, if the spots are there or just dust, and if the case has any corrosion. A bit expensive for me this one.

Lot 95


4,500 – 6,500 GBP

Hammer 4500

Final Price $7,550

Comes with 7912 bracelet, 516 end links.

A deceptive watch. Initially this looks terrible. The plots have been partially repaired. The central chrono hand is later, and does not match.

However I think this watch was a bargain, purely in terms of parts

It has a very good bezel, and a valuable 7912 bracelet. Between them, that’s probably $6,000+ right there.

Alternatively the dial has an attractive body colour and may well respond very well to a fine re lume.

I wish I had bought this lot for the parts, a Good/Very Good  DO90, a 7912 bracelet and a Very Good Movement and Case.

A bargain with hind sight.

Lot 96


2,500 – 3,000 GBP

Hammer 2,500

Final Price $4,200

Comes with 1171/1 /633 end links.

The WOK photographer really does need to practice. Below is the same watch in a different shot.

Another dirty watch, (I’m not complaining).

The dial is stepped, and the body is black and shows no signs of damage. The print is intact. I doubt any of the multitude of particles are attached to the dial but I would like to make sure. There is a strong chance this dial is Very Good. I am sure enough to bid that the marks we see are crystal not dial.

The bezel is a correct DN90 with severe corrosion at the 60 round past the letters and at the 110. It has minor corrosion elsewhere – I do not think it is dirt, but it could be, in which case that is a result for the buyer.

Case looks good.

The buyer will want to fit a new crown, but I think this watch will clean up nicely after service.

Bracelet is a later square logo 1171/1/633

This is a watch with potential, and may well respond very well to a service and clean. The -71 variant is much rarer than the -69 and is the only reference that definitely has the stepped dial AND the medallion case back (Some -74s do but a lot have the domed dial).

At $4,200 this falls between Good (3600) and Very Good (5200). After the service it should come in under the Very Good price indication, and it has a bracelet as well. So as long as the dial is cleaner than it might look in these photos, and the bezel cleans up, this was a good purchase.

Lot 97


3,000 – 3,500 GBP

Hammer 3400

Final Price $ 5,700

On leather Strap

Again, Wok get an F for photography . Below is the same watch in a different shot. But its good because above you can see the hour subdial has not re set.

Otherwise this is a very Good watch.However, I do think there is small amounts of corrosion on the rear case, near the case back join, near the lugs:

The buyer will want to fit a new crown, but I think this watch will clean up nicely after service.

The side shot shows a case with good definition, but again look at those tiny brown/black marks. Are they dirt? Or corrosion?


I like WOK. They show a lot of watches, they try hard to accommodate and they also try very hard to describe accurately. Their fees are lower than the big houses, and nowadays, what do the big houses offer over a smaller house? Not much.

However the photography needs to get better to get better prices. Mind you I know I am not alone in enjoying bad auction photos, knowing it puts off the timid so that we gamblers can bid on risk.(!)

This sale was initially disappointing and I am sad not to have viewed as I think it was better IRL.If I had viewed I think I would have bought lots 95 and 96 and possibly 97.