Soyuz sold at Sothebys Spetember 2018

On 27th  September 2018 Sothebys auctioned a very rare Apollo Soyuz:

Photo from Sothebys

The original listing is here

An Original Apollo Soyuz is a highly desirable reference. Most owners are regularly petitioned to sell theirs if they show it. There were 500 thought to be made, and many have been serviced or altered from original specification. This one has several issues and in spite of that achieved GBP 27,000. Whilethis is more than I expected, there are literally none on the market and frankly with its rarity there are some who say the Soyuz is the next $100,000 speedmaster.

First of the problems is the pusher size. Here on the Sothebys watch we can see the pusher has a gap around it.

And here is an original Soyuz, where we can clearly see the 5.5mm pushers filling the modified case.

So the Sothebys watch has the wrong pushers, but at least it has an original case, (number 342). The problem is that 5.5mm pushers are not available from Omega, and so any replacement is going to be a non original pusher. I know several people who are working to find a suitable substitute but so far without success. One watch maker is certain he can find a generic substitute but so far it has eluded him.

Next is the chrono hand, an obvious substitution.

Non Omega Chrono hand

Here is an original:

Also the Sothebys watch has a non original bracelet and no endlinks at all. So the new owner has some way to go to piece together an original specification watch.

Will we, I wonder, look back in a year’s time and think this a bargain? At GBP 27,000 there is a lot to criticise, except availability. I am lucky enough to own a correct original, but if I did not, would I have been tempted? Well yes, I would. I have seen more than one bracelet offered for sale, and I am sure with my obsession and perseverance I would find pushers.

I wish the new owner well!