Time 4 a Pint Podcast

The genius behind the OF get togethers has started making pod casts, and very good they are too. The lizard above goes under the umbrella of Time For A Pint.

T4P just launched its third episode. These shortish, well planned watch themed podcasts are a refreshing and entertaining insight into collectors thoughts. Like me, Chris is not financially motivated and these podcasts are a real pleasure to listen to. No adverts, no endorsements. Just opinions without bias.

I agreed to be interviewed by him for his third episode, and you can hear it here. Or below:

I have to say it was disappointment not to open the door to a drunk man in a lizard suit clutching a reel to reel tape deck and a smile – well he had the smile, and we had fun talking.

If you want an insight into just how far away from any evolutionary useful trait a watch collector has reached, tune in.

We got to talk about two of my favorite watches:

Hear the story here

Check out Chris’s excellent site and stay up to date with his world.


As well as links to the other episodes.

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