What A Difference A Bezel Makes…

Here are some tired looking bezels on two 2998’s. Swapping bezels  makes a significant improvement to the appearance – and value.


These tired bezels change the appearance of what is otherwise a very nice pair of watches. Finding bezels is not easy, and several sold this year in excess of $1500 – although these were near perfect examples of the DO90 bezel. I spent some time looking for and selecting two bezels to replace them.P5240068

Here is the result: P5240079

Actually, neither of these bezels fitted the watches. One went on too easily and would have fallen off on first use. The other would not click on at all. Both these situations are not uncommon when changing bezels, and it is not a home fix. It requires some metal work. So I had to send them both to the workshop for the “adjustment”. This is not uncommon – sometimes I am lucky and it snaps on, and others it wont “click” on at all. In this case one of them was too loose, and one was too tight.

They are both back now from the workshop and all is well.